➳ 2019 Reading Goals

Hey guys, let’s talk reading goals!

I read some pretty amazing books in 2018, but no where near the amount that I would have liked to, and thats really dissapointing to me because reading is so much of my everyday life. But between my two young children, university and the simple demands of life I really didnt do a very good job of prioritising and doing the things that give me peace (reading and writing) while I juggled everything else. So, what I’m saying is, 2019 is going to be done a little different.

Most of you would have heard of, or perhaps already use Goodreads? If not, get onto that, it’s a great way to keep track of what you have read, what others are reading and their reviews, as well as searching for new books to read. You can also add friends and join groups with likeminded readers, it’s brillent. If you decide to join, or already have a Goodreads account ,feel free to follow me ➳ https://www.goodreads.com/amberjaydereads just click ‘Follow’, done! I’ve been on Goodreads since 2014 but I’ve never took advantage of it’s features, rather, I used it as a library, which it kind of is but so much more now then it was before. So, let’s cut to my goals for 2019! If you’ve created a reading goals list I’d love to read it, drop a comment and I’ll head over to check it out!


1» READ MORE! I’ve set my reading challenge on Goodreads to 100 books this year, lets see how I go.

2» Explore more genres. I find I always hug my favourites – Horror, Thriller, Psychological Thrillers, and Crime. That’s not to say I have not read others but this is where I tend to hangout.

3» Include some Nonfiction books. While I love my fictional worlds I’d like to read some Nonfiction this year, I have a few books on my shelf that are ready to go.

4» BLOG MORE! Now that I’ve finally settled with my blog, (after many many revamps and erases, my followers know all too well what I am like) I’m excited to have converted it into a blog that focuses on books and writing. I figured why now merge the two things I love to do. So here we are!

5» Get personal with the Goodreads community! As I mentioned above, I’ve been with Goodreads since 2014 but I’ve never full explored all it’s features. This year, I plan to be all over it.

I’m starting off with these 5 reading goals for 2019. I’m known to put too much pressure on myself and set too many deadlines creating a ridiculous amount of anxiety, not this year. I’m accepting the fact that I am human, and I’m starting this year embracing a positive mindset. I plan to get in touch with who I am and what I want out of this life while reamining humble and healthy and engaging in more things that are good for me and my soul.

Happy New Years everyone!