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One must always be careful of books and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.


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Currently reading: Red Dragon by Thomas Harris.

Some say that I may be a little late to the party with this one given my go to genre choice but meh, do you know how many books there are to read in this world?! I’m not going to live anywhere near long enough, that’s stressful!

Now, for those of you not familiar with this book series, this is book one of the novels about the exploits of the psychologist and serial killer Hannibal Lecter. If you haven’t at least heard the name Hannibal Lecter before then… I don’t know, you should probably consult Google. If you have, and you’ve delved into this dark and gruesome world then you know what I’m in for.

Happy reading!

A Review: A Simple Favour by Darcey Bell. (No Spoilers)

Published: March 21 2017, by Harper. ~ Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Crime Fiction, and Psychological Fiction.

She’s your best friend.
She knows all your secrets.
That’s why she’s so dangerous.
A single mother’s life is turned upside down when her best friend vanishes in this chilling debut thriller in the vein of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train.


Let me start this by being entirely honest, I purchased A Simple Favour by Darcey Bell a while back. It’s been sitting on my bookshelf with its many competitors waiting patiently for its time to shine. Many times I have picked it up, read the blurb and returned it to the shelf not really in the mood for the storyline (I’m sure all readers can relate to being ‘in the mood’ to read something). Finally, I committed and I’m really kicking myself I never read it sooner. Wow, what a read!

The deception was addictive. The dark corners and surprises just kept coming. I was hooked. This compelling story of manipulation and lies just rolled on, I was never bored. I danced between shock, compassion and even revulsion in some parts. I found myself cursing at characters for being so naive but willing to watch them be deceived. And with all that going on A Simple Favour really placed emphasis on what it is to be a mother, and truly how far we would go to protect our children and provide the best possible life for them. How something so beautiful can get caught up in such a twisted tale… brilliant!

There were flaws though, however, they were minor and more me just getting irritated over small matters. The first, there were a few minor typos. Which is not uncommon to find and we are human and I’m accepting of that, but I came across one too many, in other words, more than normal. The second, now this may seem insignificant but I feel it’s worth calling into the light. American English: ‘Favor’ and British English: ‘Favour’, two correct variations of a word. On the cover, as you can see, British English is used, but throughout the entire book, they use the American English version (and the word favour is used enough in the book to notice). Although the title may have been edited to suit my location I’ve never come across this before, authors/editors will usually edit all or stick to one type of spelling.

Anyway, by no means do these things ruin or taint the book because that’s all they are ‘things’, I was simply telling of my experience. It really was a fast-paced and unpredictable whirlwind! In fact, it’s been that successful they made it into a movie which was released in September 2018. Here is the trailer, but wait, I’m a HUGE believer in ‘read before you watch’, I have not had a chance to watch the movie yet so I do not know how much it differs from the original storyline. It’s your call, here it is:

I was happy I read this book, but I’m not happy that I didn’t read it sooner. Ahh see, never judge a book by its cover… or its blurb… whatever. I rated it 4 stars on my Goodreads. The reason for the missing star is the minor ‘flaws’ which distracted me just enough to be annoying, and the fact that I believe they could have done a little better with the ending, but that’s just my opinion. It was still a remarkable book.

Get it. Read it, and if you really want to… Watch it! I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Thanks for reading guys.